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Expertise / Diagnostics / Rehabilitations  roofs,  facades, balconies, terraces and car parks:
Harsher than elsewhere, the climatic conditions at altitude are characterized by large and very rapid thermal differences.

On mountain roofs, the usual disorders are manifested by water infiltration and ice formations.


Rehabilitation work in the mountains requires rigorous site monitoring and extensive experience. Roofs, roof terraces with waterproofing and snow carriers as well as wooden cladding facades call for very specific regulations and experience.


Our job is to monitor companies so that they comply with current legislation which is unfortunately often overlooked.

Montagne Concepts has the qualification and extensive experience required for mountain rehabilitation work and is insured for ten-year liability.



The regulations in force  :

  • The Guide to Roofing and Waterproofing in Mountain Climate (CSTB notebook 2267)

  • The Unified Technical Documents (DTU), Mountain Annexes, which govern all roofing materials.


Interior architecture


Design Mission


In addition to our creativity and our personalized advice, we offer you  :


  • a feasibility study of your project and the presentation of the most suitable solutions for its realization,


  • plans and 3D views to allow you to preview your project,


  • a personalized and original design respecting your wishes as well as your budget,


  • the proposal of a wide range of materials and furniture that will personalize your interior and make it unique,


  • the development of  descriptions necessary for launching calls for tenders,


  • the production of a comparative summary after receipt of quotes from companies.


Execution Mission


Combining our experience in project management and our professionalism, we offer you  :


  • the production of all the execution plans and detailed sketches of the elements to be created and implemented for all trades,


  • the establishment of works contracts with verification of the insurance certificates of each company,


  • management of site schedules, monitoring of compliance with building standards and rules as well as deadlines,


  • the establishment of site reports accompanied by photographic reports after each meeting and whenever necessary to allow you to follow the progress of the work,


  • the control of companies' payment situations with a table of  summary including all quotes, down payments, balances and amounts of work carried out in real time,


  • acceptance of the works.


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